Casiva Agustin

Engineering, Development and IT Management

Hi there! 👋

I’m Agustin Casiva, I’m a Software Engineer from Argentina.

I have been working on IT for many years now, I worked in many fields of the industry, such as hardware support, networking, sysadmin but what I do love most is development.

I have worked for many organizations, public and private, local and remote, filling many roles.

My expertise is on Web Development, Linux, Open Source, CMSs, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Backend Development, Product Development, Project Management, Team Leading, among others.

In 2013 I have founded 42mate, a Web Development Agency focused on the design, development, maintenance of Web Apps. I still work on 42mate where I work leading development teams and scoping new projects.

Besides 42mate I also work as an independent consultant where I provide services such as

  • Development Training, for individuals or teams.
  • Architecture Design and Review.
  • Tech Advisor for non tech startup founders.
  • Tech Advisor for Digital Design Agencies.

If you are interested on my services let’s talk!

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